The Light Green-Blue of the Caribbean Sea in Sapzurro, Colombia.

420Friendly is used as a term, to let people know that they allow smoking of Marijuana at their place of stay!

How did 4:20 become “420”?

You don’t have to be high to love this story: In 1971, five students from San Rafael High School in Marin County, Calif. (of course) reportedly met against a school wall at 4:20 p.m. each day to begin a pot-tentially magical adventure. The "Waldos," they called themselves — and later told their story in a seminal Huffington Post story.

The stoners heard a rumor that grove of Marijuana plants was hidden somewhere near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station. The friends decided to search for the elusive bud bowl every day, reminding each other of the planned departure time: 4:20.

"We'd meet at 4:20 and get in my old ’66 Chevy Impala and, of course, we'd smoke instantly and smoke all the way out to Pt. Reyes and smoke the entire time we were out there. We did it week after week," Waldo Steve told HuffPo. "We never actually found the patch."
The End....

"But 420Hostales promises to keep on looking for the patches of Marijuana through- out the World and find the safest 420Places to smoke at...."
Keith Ray Elam, Founder of


Copyrights are for the whole World to read….

Welcome to Playa Cabo Tiburón
Come here and relax
along the Caribbean Sea to breathe some of the cleanest air on Earth, located at Sapzurro, Colombia!
Only a 1.2 hour walk from Carpugana, Colombia, or a 15 minute boat ride or only around a 25 minute walk to Miel, Panama, or a ten minute Boat ride to Miel!

Sapzurro is the last town on the Colombia Border to Panama, where it is illegal to drive a car, a motorcycle, not even a electric bike dares to tread on the Cement Sidewalks of Sapzurro, even in Miel, Panama!

 Playa Cabo Tiburón is the first 420Resort along the Beaches in Colombia that was Founded in Sapzurro, which helped revolutionize the 420Hostales, 420Cabañas, and 420Hotels in Sapzurro, and is the 420Friendliest Place in Colombia, maybe the World, but few would only know.

Playa Cabo Tiburón's kitchen

can accomodate a big gathering of people for special events, like Birthday Parties, Weddings, or a Anniversary, with a large 420Playa for many families to gather together.

Our Hammocks are the most to sleep in, with lots of room in between Hammocks, for more privacy!

  But to accomodate many people on just one Beach!

There are 9 Hammocks total, with 4 Tent Camp Grounds having lots of room area for privacy. 

The prices on each room depends upon the Tourist Season, which the high season is December and January, and the last week of March to the end of the first week of April.

NOTE: services are free, and we do not make any money from any of your business that you do with us or our 420Affliates!
We are funded by your donations if you have enjoyed your stay with us, but we have to ask for a Service Charge if you book online with us, or with any other travel agency we are going through, because the prices we advertise for, are the Rock Bottum price for any of our 420Resorts!
So the owners of the 420Hostales, 420ects. are not willing to pay the cost of a Travel Agency and the cost of the Credit Card transaction to get the money to the owners who advertises for, so we have to charge 16% fee on any Transaction, so doesn't have to pay any money for any transactions that you do with us!

Colombian Pesos for one dollar is around 2700 Pesos.

10,000 Pesos per person for a Tent Campground in the Low Season.
15,000 Pesos per person in the High Season

15,000 Pesos per person for a Hammock in the Low Season.

20,000 Pesos per person in the High Season

If you Book online with any Travel Agency going through us, add another 16%!
If you Book online with add only 6% on each Credit Card Transaction.
You are not paying Taxes, for any Transaction you do with!

Breakfast 7,500
Dinner: 7,500 Pesos for a Veg. meal!
9,000 Pesos for a Meat meal!
Depending on the Size of Fish;
15,000-20,000 Pesos

(Meals do not have to be purchased in advance, but you can choose to do so by a Credit Card, just select what type of Meal you would like to eat, and what time of the day. Food will be ready around that time and day for you to enjoy!)
Select here:

The Low Season lasts for 10 months, from Mid-May until November, and from Feburary to the end of April.
They say May
-September is the Raining Season, but it seems to only rain at night time, and in the early mornings, leaving the freshest air to absorb into your lungs!

We provide a "100% Guarantee Refund" if you are not satisfied with your room!

If you book a room in advance, we will give you up to a 24HR Cancelation and refund all of your money!

Sometimes the weather will not permit traveling by Air or by Boat on the Caribbean Sea!
If your Airflight or Boat does cancel the trip to Carpugana or Sapzurro, for bad Weather on the day of your arrival, we will also refund 100% of your Money!

But you have to contact us on that day, so we can verify that your Airflight or Boat Trip will be canceled because of Bad Weather!

If you booked your room for the Night in advance and if you are "No Show" for some silly reason; like you woke up too late to catch the Boat, because you was out Partying all night, haha!
It has happened a time or two with the Founder of www.!
We will gladly refund 100% of your money if we rent your room out, if you are a "No Show", but a Phone Call from you is necessary on the early morning of that date!
During the High Season, you should have no worries, you getting a refund, but the first person who wants to rent a room from us on that day, we will book your room!
100% Guaranteed!

We also provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot for 2 Hours per day, with a Laptop or Tablet if needed, all we ask you to do is not to upload or download files, but you are allowed to send a few photos to your friends and family!

Internet here is very costly, sorry for the inconvenience, but what you pay for the room for a night, you can easily use it up on the Internet here in Sapzurro in one day!

So, after the two hours of usage, we will charge you a small fee for each hour if needed for more time, to cover the costs for the Internet!

We also accept Credit Cards for rooms and food, cash advances with PayPal, which no other Hostal, Cabaña, or Hotel in Sapzurro, Colombia, or maybe throughout the World, will provide these services to you, with such a Guarantee, like how will provide to you!

Activates for you to do each day in Sapzurro:
Swimming, Snorkeling
, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding or Hiking in the Jungles, and Sun Bathing on the Caribbean Beaches are the only things to do here! Haha!
Oh, but also eat the freshest Fishes from the Caribbean Sea!

(The Snorkeling equipment is for rent for 15,000 pesos for the day.)

(Horses are for rent for 50,000 Pesos for the day in Carpugana.)

We provide a 2 day trip on Horses, riding on the most steepest and dangerous trails in the Jungles of Colombia, then sleep in a Tent for one night! Please bring your own Tent or Hammock! The trip takes 1.5 Hours away from Carpugana. Meals and showers are included in the Trip.

The price per person is 250,000 Pesos, and comes with a guide, who will lead you to the Finca where you will stay at.

We also provide a one or two day Boat Trip to Miel, Panama! As the guide will explain the important sights to go see along the Caribbean Sea!

The one day Boat ride from Sapzurro to Miel, Panama and back to Sapzurro will cost 50,000 Pesos per person.
You pay for your own Meals!

The two day boat ride comes with a Hostal to sleep in at Miel, Panama for one night, 2 meals are included on this trip!
This two day Boat Trip costs 140,000 Pesos per person!
If you Medicate, please do it in your room!

So please book in advance for the Trips!

(WARNING!) Marijuana is illegal to smoke on the streets and on the Beaches throughout the World!
goes door to door, while traveling throughout the World, asking folks who owns Hostales, Hostels, Cabañas, Hotels, or Private Beaches, if they would be interested into getting into the Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry, by allowing places for Medical Marijuana Patients to consume Marijuana, without being harassed by the owners, or by the police, and so with success as our journeys from places to places where we dare to travel to, we will find interesting people and the safest 420Places to stay at, while consuming Medical Marijuana, to keep us alive and healthy!

(NOTE: Playa Cabo Tiburón™ is a "420Friendly Place", and we can not or will not discriminate anyone of Age, Color or Race, especially if they are ill and dying from Cancer, and consume Medical Marijuana as Medication to keep them alive, while they travel the World for their last time upon this Earth!)
Playa Cabo Tiburón™ employees and owners will treat you as a Medical Marijuana Patient here, instead of an illegal Drug user; like all Governments throughout the World did, some Governments still do!
Playa Cabo Tiburónwill provide you a designated place to consume Medical Marijuana, away from children, non-smokers, and the Police!
(So what you do inside of your closed
"It's your house, not ours! While you stay here with us!"™)

.So, to whom it may concern with: 9flats, Airbnb XML, Airbnb iCal, Agoda, AsiaRooms, Asiatravel,, Atraveo, Automobile Association NZ,, Bedandbreakfastworld,, Bookeasy, Bookit!, Ctrip, Expedia, Ezibed, Feratel, Fewo-Direkt Ical, Flipkey, , Holiday Guide, HolidayLettings, HomeAway/VBRO XML, HomeAway/VBRO Ical,, Hostelbookers, Hostelling International, Hostelworld, Hotelbeds,, Housetrip, iCal export, iCal import (3 calendar), Jomres,,,,, Orbitz, Ostrovok, , Tablet, Tomas, TradeMe, Travelbug,, Traveloka, Tripadvisor Instant Booking, TripConnect Cost per Click, Tripadvisor Holiday Rentals, Travelocity, Trivago, Venere, Visit Scotland, Wimdu, Wotif, Zuju, Tripadvisor, and Trivago, ect.. knows your rules and regulations that you all impose upon your clients, and knows we are breaking your rules! Mankind Rules, not God's rules!

So and our affiliates will provide a designated place for Medical Marijuana Patients to safely consume Medical Marijuana, away from children, non-smokers, and the Police!

"So if anyone of you (Mentioned Above) tries to discriminate against Medical Marijuana Patients or the Founder of for using Medical Marijuana to keep us alive each day, while we smoke Marijuana in all of your Hostels, Cabañas, and Hotels you all book each day, because it is illegal to smoke Medical Marijuana on the streets and Beaches throughout the World, and if you dare to try to block the sells of rental rooms that we introduce to the World that uses Medical Marijuana to keep them alive, also along with the Owners of our affiliates with; we are willing to take each one of you (Mentioned Above), in the Court of Law, and file a Lawsuit against each one of your Rental Booking Agencies that are (Mentioned Above), so we as Medical Marijuana Patients can freely and safely consume Medical Marijuana in Hostales, Cabañas, and Hotels, so we all can live a healthy and ill free life, while traveling the World, with our last days upon Earth."

"That goes for all of you too; Governments and Police around the World!" "We are Medical Marijuana Patients, and not a Criminal anymore,
by Law

Keith Ray Elam, Founder of 4/10/2018

So all of us hope you will follow our journeys with us!
And come and enjoy the Finest of what Colombia and the rest of the World has to offer, by staying in one of our
420Cabañas, 420Hostales, 420Hotels, 420Hammocks, or 420Tent Campgrounds!
And feel free to be at home at one of our

Please join our 420Resorts by emailing us at;
(NOTE: If you are a owner of Beds, Hammocks, or Tent Campgrounds and do not mind having Medical Marijuana Patients be your customers, we would like to advertise for you on our 420Websites, for free!)

 Hemp Publishing Company® or any of our other Hemp and 420Websites are not associated with any of the Land Owner's Hostales, Cabañas, and Hotels that we advertise for!
What they do on their Land is their business!
(Nor does
the Hostales, Cabañas, and Hotel land owners that Hemp Publishing Company® advertises for; sell or distribute Marijuana!)
But we will point you to the right direction; to go purchase
your Medical Marijuana from a Local Drug Dealer if needed!
While we all Smoke safely and to keep very healthy; throughout our entire lives....

For more info or to Reserve a room in Spanish, call;
For more info in English or to Reserve a room, call
or Whatsapp at;

We can not talk about Medical Marijuana on the phone,
which is legal in many Nations now

This 420Website is operated by Donations only!
All donations will go to towards expanding the
420Hostales, 420Cabañas, 420Hotels, 420Hammocks, 420Playas and 420Tent Campgrounds throughout the World....

So if you enjoyed the stay with our affiliates, please donate to us, so we can spread the 420Word around the World....

 "Hemp will change the World; By the way It will grow...."TM

Keith Ray Elam

Hemp can save our Earth....

Please feel free to leave a comment below!!!!

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